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Ecotermics Academy

As part of the training of dealers, we provide training on working with Ecothermix equipment and materials. We provide all the necessary information: instructions, video course, answer questions. The schedule of seminars will be posted after the recruitment of the group.

School Ecotermix

Ecotermix constantly provides training on working with equipment and components of PUF in different regions of Russia, organizing seminars on the basis of regional dealers. All dealers and buyers of Ecotermix can undergo training, and also have access to training materials in order to improve the skills of managers and operators of plants.

Schedules for seminars in various regions are published as groups are recruited. Follow the news! You also have the opportunity to undergo individual training.

If you are interested in participating in a seminar or if you want to receive individual training, please contact in
WhatsApp: +7 (911) 811-86-79

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