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Ecothermix Company has developed a new generation of insulation, which allows several times to reduce the consumption of electricity spent on heating and air conditioning in your home.

Ecotermix is trusted supplier for many customers from CIS and also from abroad, we have executed projects on South Pole, USA and EU.

The technology of sprayed polyurethane foam allows you to complete the installation of thermal insulation in record time - so, a hangar with an area of more than 2000 m² can be fully insulated in just 3 days!

In recent years, polyurethane foam is slowly but surely replacing obsolete heat-insulating materials from the market, the characteristics of which cannot be compared with the advantages of polyurethane foam.

Ecotermix PPU is non-toxic, lightweight, durable and fireproof - without false modesty it can be argued that this is the material of the future!


Factory opening

Construction and launch of Russia's first open-cell polyurethane foam production plant


Wholesale direction

Opening of the wholesale direction and the first representative offices in Russian cities


Polyol Production

Construction and launch of Russia's first plant for the production of polyols based on vegetable oils, polyurethane foam and PET


Glue production

Launch of the production of industrial adhesives for sandwich panels, polyurea coatings and epoxy primers


German equipment
Eco-friendly products
Products for your recipe
European standards
Worldwide shipments



In order to achieve a high quality indicator, the Ecothermix factory uses equipment of a German manufacturer, whose control system allows minimizing the human factor and the possibility of marriage at each stage of production.

The uniqueness of our enterprise lies in the organization of a vertically integrated production process: from a pet bottle or kitchen using vegetable oil to the final product, which provides unprecedented energy-saving indicators.

The OTC system, organized at the enterprise, guarantees our Clients the receipt of products under the sign of the highest quality.

The introduction of new PU systems at the facilities of our customers is carried out in the presence of representatives of our enterprise, which allows us to accelerate the implementation of systems and avoid delays.

    The main advantages of the Ecothermix plant:
  • The use of modern technological equipment from Germany.
  • High plant performance.
  • Full automation of production.
  • A multi-stage quality control system allows you to maintain a high level of compliance with world production standards.
  • Eco-friendly products.
  • The ability to create a product according to the customer’s recipe.


An important structural unit of the Ecothermics Plant is the laboratory. It is equipped with the most modern equipment, allowing you to develop unique recipes and conduct product testing.


Warehouses of the Ecothermix plant are located in Vsevolozhsk and occupy more than 5,600 m2. The custody warehouse is well equipped and has a convenient access for trucks.


At the moment, in our company there are no open vacancies. But if you have rich experience in construction or the chemical industry, you can send your resume to the email address:

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